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Electric vehicles from Ekotejas are the future of mobility

Future living is what we do! Technology has enhanced our lives in every way during these difficult times. We must revisit our daily routines and living arrangements now that the new normal is in full gear and inflation is escalating. Additionally, the rate of increase in oil prices is alarmingly high. To survive the pressure of commuting, a change in our mode of transportation is essential.

94 million tons of oil equivalent (MOTE) energy, or 18% of India’s total energy consumption, is being used by the vehicle industry. Due to the aforementioned factors, the human race will need to find other energy sources that will provide sustainability over the long term and are resistant to growing crude oil prices.

Breakthroughs Iterations are being made in medical, renewable energy, and new sporting concepts to keep us active (and living) longer. Ekotejas’ introduction of an electric 2-wheeler is one of these modifications. I’m hoping you’ve already spotted one of these zooming around your neighbourhood.

The 2-wheeler automobile industry is in infancy stage with number of problems, but Ekotejas seems to be the rising consumer’s choice. The business was founded in 2017. The manufacturing facility, with a present monthly capacity of 720 E-bikes and 100 E-carts that may be increased to 15,000 E-bikes per month, was situated in the Anantapur Dist of Andhra Pradesh. The company’s corporate office is located in Erandwane, Pune, while the company’s headquarters are in Gooty, Anantapur Dist, Andhra Pradesh.

Ekotejas have built dealer presences in ten states, including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu, in a short amount of time.

One of the EV brands with the fastest growth is Ekotejas, mainly in Telangana and Maharashtra. The good news is that beginning on September 19, 2022, deliveries of newly introduced high speed scooters will be made. 500 high-speed scooters were ordered in advance and will be delivered over the following three months.

Five low-speed variants and two high-speed types of electric 2-wheelers are available from the company. On December 22, Ekotejas will unveil the Motorcycle E-Dyroth, a high-speed electric cruiser with a top speed of 100 kmph and an anticipated range of 130 km. Given that the entire design is Made in India, the government’s subsidy, which is anticipated to be around Rs 45,000 on an Ex-showroom price of 1.5 to 1.6 lacs, makes the bike profitable in terms of pricing. The Ekotejas Board of Directors views this as a game-changing development.

The ride is made engaging and interesting by a variety of cutting-edge features, but it’s also affordable. To provide a smooth experience for the consumer, the smart vehicle is loaded with CAN-enabled communication protocol for the controller, battery, and speedometer. The smart meter will provide a variety of services like direction indication, push notifications, etc. when connected through Bluetooth to the rider’s smartphone. If you enjoy taking long road trips, Ekotejas promises to triple your battery capacity. A rider accomplishes this by using a Pay-per-day external battery pack for the vehicle that was installed by the dealer.

Using the results of their extensive research and development, Ekotejas has created E-Rickshaw and E-Cargo models that are both on-road and off-road compatible and are specifically suited for Indian roads.There are already too many unorganized operators with subpar performance on inclinations and slopes in the present e-rickshaw and e-cargo sector. In the Srisailam Devasthanam ghat region, Ekotejas vehicles have set the bar for outstanding performance.

The media has been abuzz with Ekotejas.. due to the outstanding work of the TV9 Marathi, Shaam TV, Sakal newspaper,, Maharashtra Idols, ET Newsmakers, CNBC-Awaaz, and Industry Outlook Manufacturing. Mr. Shriyal Thakre joined Ekotejas in 2021 as Director of Sales, and the company now has dealers in more than ten states across India. Ekotejas is run by Mr. K Venkatesh Teja, the company’s founder and managing director.

It is a suitable invention for all of our environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.  requirements for the automotive industry.

Overall, the future appears promising, and the day when the proud Ekotejas owners will beam with pride at the honour of riding on Indian roads is not far off!

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