Hyperspace: Carbon Based Lifeforms launched ‘free to play and earn’ game

Synopsis. 1. Carbon Based Lifeforms launched free to play and earn game named Hyperspace. 2. This game will be run on metanomic, a tokenless economic engine. 3. This game would provide gamers to explore an expansive Galaxy. 4. This game would have eight playable races out of which a gamer would create his/her character.


The gaming industry based on the ‘play to earn’ model is now on a run. Many games have been launched based on the model ‘play to earn’, Hyperspace is a new addition to this model. Games based on this model have seen a surge in popularity.

Carbon Based Lifeforms is Edinburgh based gaming studio that has announced the sci-fi MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game ‘Hyperspace’. According to Theo Priestley, founder of Carbon Based Lifeforms, the game is set in a different galaxy, with eight playable races each of which has its own lore and culture, hundreds of ships, and four currencies. Players have the option to play as explorers, hunters, resource gatherers, and other roles. They will also have the ability to create items with the resources they find, which they can then sell to other players [VB]. Hyperspace would be based on 1970’s sci-fi.

Games based on the model of play to earn are mostly not free. Mostly a play-to-earn game involves a token, and what it means is that you have to buy that token to start playing the game, as an upfront cost or investment. As the token value increases, so does the buy-in cost for the average gamers. This upfront cost draws the line between those who can afford it and those who couldn’t.

Carbon Based Lifeforms would change the traditional model where gamers had to pay an upfront fee, Hyperspace would not require any upfront fees and allow users to play and earn for free.The game is, according to its developers, tokenless and chain-agnostic.

Hyperspace would be run on Metanomic, which is a tokenless economic engine to create games, virtual projects, etc. This would make Hyperspace tokenless and allow many gamers to play for free and earn.

The launch date is yet to be announced but interested users can register on the games website.

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