Microsoft to set its fourth Data Centre in India.

Synopsis. 1. Microsoft Corp. confirmed the news to set its fourth Data Centre in India. 2. New Data Centre would be set in the Southern state of India, Telangana. 3. Many companies have invested in Data centres in India.

Microsoft Corp. announced on Monday its fourth Data Centre in India. It would be set in the Southern state of India, Telangana. Previously they have set their Data Centre in Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. Data consumption in India has increased by many times past few years(38% in FY21), creating a scope for Data centres in the country.

According to Reuters Microsoft India head, Anant Maheshwari declined to confirm the report of a $2 billion investment for the new centre as claimed by many media houses. He said “A public cloud data center is not a one time investment, it is a continuous investment that we have”. “In the last two years, we doubled the capacity in the existing three data centers.“Microsoft was continuing to grow its workforce in India from 18,000 currently “both through the pandemic and going forward.”We already serve more than 340,000 companies in the country,”[The Reuters].

Microsoft’s data centre regions in India contributed $9.5 billion in revenues to the economy between 2016 and 2020 and an estimated 1.5 million jobs were added to the economy including 1.69 lakh new skilled IT jobs, according to IDC.

Many other companies like IBM, Adani Group, Airtel have shown their interest to join this market. While main competitor Amazon has announced to invest 2.8 billion dollars to build its second Data Centre in India, late 2020.

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