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Russia Argentina hold talks in Moscow

President of Russia Vladimir Putin held talks with the President of the Argentine Republic Alberto Fernandez in the Kremlin. Russia Argentina both with be benefited from this talks.

Russia and Agrentina meet
President of Russia Vladimir Putin talks with President of Argentina.

Key Highlights

1. Both the leaders were happy to meet each other.
2. They talked about their bilateral relation.
3.The Argentinean Counterpart said that the relationship with the U.S has resulted in debt from I.M.F.

The meeting started with Putin’s statement, “Mr President it is pleasure to see you”. He regretted that he couldn’t meet his Argentine counterpart before in person since January 2020 in Israel, due to a pandemic.

He was grateful to his counterpart as Argentina was the first country in the Western Hemisphere to register the Sputnik V vaccine. He informed him that the first contract has been almost fulfilled as 15 million of the 20 million doses have been delivered to Argentina. Further, he added that the Sputnik V vaccine is already being manufactured at factories in Argentina, and over 6 million doses have already been produced. He Congratulated him on such a large scale vaccination effort as almost 78% of the Argentinan population have been inoculated. Putin was very happy as trade and economic corporation between both countries has increased by 50% in 2021.


President of the Argentine Republic Alberto Fernandez thanked Mr Putin for the invitation and further he added it was a great pleasure for him to met with Mr Putin in Moscow where they discussed calmly how they should provide cooperation between Argentina and Russia in all areas. Mr Fernandez was very grateful for the assistance provided by Russia with vaccines.

He Believes that Argentina could become Russia’s gateway to contain America to a certain extent. The vaccine example is indicative because they become a stepping stone in the supply of the Russian Vaccine to Ecuador, Peru, and Paraguay.

According to Mr Fernandez, “Argentina is facing a difficult situation because they have serious external debt and challenging economic issues. He also stated that Argentina’s orientation towards the U.S.A made their economy largely dependent on the U.S and resulted in Debt from I.M.F.

Mr Fernandez assured Mr Putin that he and his party want to decrease dependence on the U.S and increase bilateral ties with Russia.

This meeting was very important for both countries. Russia is facing a ban from the U.S and allied countries due to which Russia is not able to trade with many countries resulting in slow economic development. while Argentina is stuck in a debt trap also it could get some defence aid from Russia to counter the U.K.

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