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Russia-Ukraine crisis: the story so far


1. Russia has deployed about 190,000 of their troops on the border area of Ukraine as per the US. 2. According to Kremlin, Russia has hit the sea and land-based targets as a part of the strategic nuclear exercise. 3. US and EU have warned Russia of the economic ban. 4. Separatists has become active in eastern Ukraine since Russian troops deployment on the border area. 5. Major countries like the US, India, Germany, etcetera have asked their citizens to leave Ukraine.

In the last few days, activities near Ukraine and Russia has attracted the whole world’s attention. Every one of us is concerned about the whole scenario. Every one of us is wondering whether Russia is going to attack Ukraine, why they are doing this, what will be the impact of this invasion on the whole world, etcetera.

Is Russia going to attack Ukraine?

Russian military activities suggest only one thing yes they are going to attack Ukraine most probably. Yeah, you read that right according to the US, Russia has deployed 190,000 soldiers also satellites pictures have shown that Russia has deployed the Sukhoi aircraft, S400, Artilleries, etc near the Ukrainian border. Russia has sent most of its troops to Belarus for a so-called military exercise with the Belarusian army very near to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

According to The Kremlin Russia on Saturday successfully test-fired its latest hypersonic ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and nuclear-capable ballistic missiles as part of “planned exercises”.All the missiles hit their targets, confirming their performance objectives, adding that the drills included Tu-95 bombers and submarines.

A few days ago pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine evacuated their women, children, old person to Russia. According to The Reuters, separatists in eastern Ukraine have broken the ceasefire 12 times. Also according to AFP, Ukraine’s army said Saturday that two of its soldiers died in attacks on the frontline with Russian-backed separatists, the first fatalities in the conflict in more than a month. Ukrainian ministers have considered this as a provocation that could give Moscow a pretext to attack Ukraine.

Denis Pushilin, the head of the pro-Russian separatist government in the Donetsk region, released a statement on Russian state television on Saturday announcing a full troop mobilisation and urging reservists to show up at military enlistment offices [TOI]. According to him, war is coming and every man will defend their territory.

All the above-mentioned things suggest only one thing ‘the war is coming.’

Why does Russia want to annexe Ukraine?

1. Historic connection. In 1991 The USSR was divided and Russia lost its 14 republics, Ukraine is one of those republics. Also, Russia and Ukraine are linked since the 9th century when Kyiv became the capital of the ancient state of Rus. In 1654 both were united by treaty under the rule of the Russian star. They also speak closely related language.

2. Geographical reason. Ukraine is a very big country in terms of landmass, 2nd biggest country in Europe next to Russia. It is also one of the major exporters of wheat and corn in the world. Ukraine has 4 seaports and it shares a boundary with 4 NATO members. Russia exports natural gas through a pipeline passing through the Ukraine to many European countries.

3. Security reasons. Most of the former Republics of The USSR have become members of NATO. The thought of Ukraine being a member of NATO is haunting Russia because then Russia will be surrounded by NATO members countries.

What will be the impact of this invasion on the whole world?

Russia is a major exporter of crude oil, natural gas. In fact, mostly their whole economy is running on those exports. Invasion on Ukraine by neighbouring Russia would be felt across several markets, from wheat and energy prices, most probably prices of all those things will soar up. Stock markets of various countries will feel the impact of this invasion. Trade through the black sea will also feel the impact of this invasion. This invasion may lead to increase in refugee crisis in Europe.

Russia and Ukraine, are some of the major exporters of wheat and corn in the world. This invasion would increase the price of corn and wheat in the global market, increasing inflation in many countries. This invasion would affect not only Russia but also a whole world.

What’s the stand of other countries on this issue

Kamla Harris, vice president of the US warned Russia of sanctions. According to Reuters, she said, “We have prepared economic measures that will be swift, severe, and united.”Further, she added, “We will target Russia’s financial institutions and key industries.”

One major impact will be political. If Russia annexes Ukraine then this will lead China to attack Taiwan. The world has seen how the US and its allies had fallen in Afghanistan and this invasion will surely impact the image of the US as a superpower negatively, and probably increase China’s supremacy.

EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen sanctions said, “EU would target Russia’s financial and energy sectors if Moscow opts to invade Ukraine”. But it is doubtful that most of the European countries would follow those sanctions because they are highly dependent on Russia for CNG, crude oil, etc. Most probably this invasion would result in a split in EU members countries in opinion.

According to India this issue can be solved through diplomatic dialogue.

So far Germany and France have tried to make diplomatic dialogue but to no avail.

Almost all major countries have called their residents in Ukraine back to their countries. This shows what world leader think about this tension.

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