You are currently viewing Sea Freight Rate eBidding Platform saves time & money 

Sea Freight Rate eBidding Platform saves time & money 

After COVID, SME Business have started to adapt new Digital technologies and platforms to improve work efficiencies and save cost on manual process, which they have been doing since years.

Sea Freight sourcing and negotiation process was done manually since the start of Industrial age, then came the internet and email and excel sheets are used today for communication with Freight Forwarders.   The current practice has its set of drawback, the work process is highly time consuming and companies are not able to adequately negotiate best Sea Freight Rates with multiple Freight forwarders fast.

Digital Sea Freight Platform are simplifying the entire internal logistic sourcing process, less manual work and effective price negotiation allows SME companies to save anywhere from 5% to 15% more compared to manual process.

eSupplier offers Sea Freight Rate Bidding Platform, the platform is simple and easy to use by both, Buyers (Business) and Freight Forwarders.  Business can login and start creating their Sea Freight Rate sourcing events and invite multiple Freight Forwarders and Shipping lines to participate in the eBiddingprocess online in real time.

eSuppliers customize eBidding methodology assures that Buyers get the best Sea Freight Rates with less effort, while Freight Forwarders are able to see their ranking after submitting price eBid, they can further adjust their price bid to become L1 (lowest price vendor).  The Bidding process runs for a specific time frame as selected by the Buyer, once the bidding is over system also generates excel and PDF reports for internal use.

Why switch to eSupplier Sea Freight Sourcing & Negotiation Platform

1) Simple and easy to use Web interface, just login and start using

2) Create Sea Freight Sourcing events in ready to use Templates

3) Invite Freight Forwarders to participate 

4) If required, discover new Freight Forwarders as well

5) Dynamic eBidding process assures you have the best Sea Freight Rates

6) System generated reports simplifies Audit Compliance

7) 100% Transparency 

8) Save time & Money using Digital process

Currently eSupplier platform is used by several customers in India, USA and several countries in Europe, our customers include Manufacturing companies, Retail Stores, Traders, Export/Import Business.  They are open for a live demo to show how eSupplier can help your business save time and money.

Call eSupplier and speak to Customer Support executive on Phone / WhatsApp +91-9773267374 or email them at [email protected]

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